Artichokes Millefoglie

Sometimes there is nothing special to say but you had a great dinner so there is a special recipe to add to your home digital corner. It was one of those evenings  when you just planned to stay at home and watch a movie… kind of a blue mood. Yes because even if we are all putting our lives out there online now, and everybody looks happy and satisfied, sometimes you only want to sink into your sofa and speak no more. 

On the contrary, that evening Mr M came back home full of energy and he prepared then and there a super nice dinner, as only someone like him can do. I need to plan at least 3 days in advance what I am going to cook and when.

Thelonious Monk Panting by Marco Stefanucci

Thelonious Monk Panting by Marco Stefanucci

We had artichokes-mozzarella-carasau bread casserole, hand made ravioli with pecorino cream and amatriciana sauce and we drank a fantastic red wine – Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese 2011 by Bricco Mondalino. Rated ‘2 glasses’ by the Gambero Rosso,  an influential Italian guide. Price only 8 euro… in Italy 😦

Having this nice dinner with Mr M, drinking good value for money wine and listening to my fav jazz player Thelonius Monk…made my day. If it hadn’t been for my everyday early birds next morning, I would have gone out and about all night long with my beautiful husband ❤ We went right to sleep instead… maybe because of too much wine?!

Artichokes Casserole

Artichokes Millefoglie

Artichokes Millefoglie

Ingredients for 2 people

2 globe artichokes, better if italian artichokes

2 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil

half lemon

1 scallion

salt and pepper for seasoning

1 mozzarella

carasau sardinian bread


Clean and prepare the artichokes first.

To prevent them for discoloring once ready, take a large bowl of water and squeeze some lemon in it, then start to clean them.

Cut pointy leaves off the top.

Cut the stalk off leaving a couple of centimetres of it attached to the artichoke.

Peel the outer leaves away starting from the base of the artichoke.

With a dessert spoon, or with a large paring knife, scoop the filaments out.

One by one, put the cleaned artichoke in the large bowl with water and lemon and leave them until you are ready to go.

Slice the scallion.

Pour the olive oil into the pan. When it is nice and warm add the thinly sliced scallion and heat it over low heat. The scallion has to be completely cooked and very soft before adding the artichokes.

Turn your oven on at 180°.

Separate every single leaf of the artichokes , slice them and add everything to the pan.

Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper.

Cover it with the lid and leave it to cook for at least 35/40 minute, until they became nice and soft. They are ready when if you prick them with a fork , they show no resistance.

When they are ready, take a nice mini casserole pot and layer your ingredients: one layer of artichokes, one layer of thinly sliced mozzarella and one layer of carasau bread. You can find this at any italian delicatessen.

Repeat this twice. Top up with artichokes.

Put the pots into the oven for 10 minute, allow the mozzarella to melt thoroughly.

Serve immediately.

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