Light-weight Chocolate Cupcakes, Torta Margherita

3 years have gone already. Almost. And we are all focused on organising the birthday party for the twins. Planning, buying balloons, do I really need helium to make them fly?! Do you know there is a world shortage of helium at the moment?! Do you REALLY want them to fly?! And then, ordering party bag fillers… yes, in UK kids are used to receive a party bag at the end of the party, so you better thinking of it. And invitations of course, but even before it you have got to make up your mind and decide who to invite! London, 9 millions people and it is like living in a small village. You go to have your nails done and you meet someone. You go to buy some grocery and you meet someone. You go to the gym and you meet someone. I love this, I am actually super happy anytime I randomly meet some friend walking down the street  but when you come to fill the guests list it is going to be a loooong guests list. And a long guests list means long hours cooking and baking.

Italian Way Chocolate Cupcakes

Italian Way Chocolate Cupcakes

So here I am, trying new recipes for my kids birthday party.

Like this light weight cupcakes, with only 50 gr of butter.


Light-weight Chocolate Cupcakes


50 gr butter, melted

150 gr caster sugar

4 tbsp. whole milk

4 eggs

150 gr plain flour

50 gr potato flour

100 gr dark chocolate, melted 

18 gr baking powder


25 gr icing sugar

120 gr mascarpone

220 gr whipping cream


Turn the oven on at 180°.

Melt the butter and leave it to cool down on the side.

In a round bowl, on a Bain Marie, whisk the eggs and the sugar until nice and warm.

Take off the heat and keep whisking until quite proud and fluffy, like in the making of a Genoise Sponge.

Sieve the flour together with the potato flour and the baking powder and fold these in the mixture with a spatula.

Add the melted butter and fold everything together.

Add the milk, and stir thoroughly.

On a Bain Marie now melt the chocolate and when ready add the chocolate to the mixture.

 This is what is Italian is called Torta Margherita with chocolate.

I took the recipe from my friend (and now guru!) Fabiola Pulieri of

I find this batter much softer and lighter than what it is usually used for traditional cupcakes, which I love anyway <3.

Then pour the mixture in a deep muffin tray with cupcakes cases until there are 2/3 full. No more.

Turn the oven to 170° and bake the cupcakes for  10/12 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

To make the frosting, which – again – is not the traditional one, cream the icing sugar with the mascarpone, whip the whipping cream and mix everything together until well combined.

Decorated the cupcakes with this cream  using either a piping bag or palette knife and finish with a dusting of cocoa powder.

 Alternatively, flour and butter a mould, tapping off any excess  and pour the mixture into this to have a traditional chocolate ‘Torta Margherita’.

Bake it for 40 minutes and dust it off with icing sugar to serve it.

Torta Margherita

Torta Margherita

It is perfect for kids playdates or for breakfast!



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