Crunchy chocolate disc with ricotta mousse

Yep. It’s been a long while, mea culpa, and unfortunately I am still struggling with my non-routine-slash-post-summer-daily-mess.

What I have been telling my self for the last 20 days is – ok, summer’s done, kids finally back to school (kinda), housekeeping issues sorted-sort of, so it’s a no option now. I need to start handling whisk and sieving flour again, even if I can’t really feel my peace of mind to make it.

Anyhow, no excuses no more.

Let’s stop with this endless loop of blah-blah and slowly put everything back on track.

Here we are again, my favourite quick dessert ever.


crunchy chocolate disc with ricotta mousse

Ingredients, for 6 people.

150 gr ricotta cheese

150 gr whipping cream

150 gr dark chocolate – 70%

125 gr blanched almonds

125 gr hazelnuts

70 gr caster sugar


Turn your oven on at 180°.

Roast the almonds and the hazelnuts for 3-4 minutes, once ready roughly ground them and leave them to cool down.

Chip the chocolate and mix everything together with the almonds and the hazelnuts.

Place the mixture on a ‘Bain-Marie’ and leave it to thoroughly melt down.

Make sure you put some paper between the pan (with the water) and the pot, otherwise it is going to be direct heat and then the chocolate is going to split onto the pot.

Gently stir the mixture until smooth.

Then, pour the chocolate mixture on a baking sheet. Cover the mixture with another baking sheet and roll it out until you have it 4mm thick.

Let it cool down a little bit and then cut off some discs with a round pastry cutter, 6cm wide.

Now prepare the ricotta mousse:

Whisk the ricotta cheese and the sugar until nice and smooth.

Whip the whipping cream until it reaches the soft peak.

Add the whipped cream to the ricotta mixture and gently stirring it in with a whisk until the mixture is homogeneous and everything is combined.

This is the ricotta mousse.

The best way to lay the filling mousse onto the chocolate disc is using a piping bag fitted with a 10-mm plain tip.

When you are ready to assembly it, place one chocolate disc onto a serving plate and pipe the mousse on top of it, to completely cover it.

Then place another disc on top of it, to make a sandwich. Sort of!

Leave them in the refrigerator to set for at least 3 hours before serving.


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