Linguine with Langoustines and Mint

With our Neapo-IndianFurore Bianco 2010, Marisa Cuomos friends we drunk a fantastic wine from Costiera Amalfitana, Furore Bianco 2010 by Marisa Cuomo and Mr M prepared for us Linguine with Langoustines and Mint.

Mr M is now in his mint time, so he cooks everything with mint! Which is great, by the way.

Linguine with Langoustine and Mint

Ingredients for 4 people

12 Langoustines

7 tbsp olive oil

500 gr Linguine pasta

500 gr cherry tomatoes

1 piece of celery

1 carot

13/15 mint leaves

pinch of salt

1 clove of garlic

100 ml white cooking wine

150 ml water


Clean all but 4 langoustines (one for each guest), reserving these 4 shells for the final decor. Peel the heads off the remaining whole langoustines and cut them in the middle of their bodies. Set heads aside for the langoustines sauce.

In a large pan, heat the oil (4 tbsp)and cook the garlic until it is golden. Remove the garlic.

Linguine with Langoustine and Mint

Linguine with Langoustine and Mint, our beloved Indian friend added chilli pepper to Mr M’s pasta because .. she is Indian!!

In the meanwhile wash and put the cherry tomatoes in a pot with water to boil, once the water is boiling, drain the tomatoes and peel them off.

Add the langoustines (all of them – not heads) to the pan and cook gently into the oil for a couple of minutes.  Pour in the wine and simmer until it is all evaporated. Cook the langoustines for about 7/8 minutes and then set them aside. Now in the pan you have something like a sauce made out of oil, wine and langoustines, in italian we call it ‘sughetto’ which usually it’s the best part of every recipe…. Add the peeled tomatoes to the ‘sughetto’, add all the mint leaves but 8 of them (save these for final decor), and cook this until the tomatoes are all smashed up. Adjust with a pinch of salt.

Prepare the langoustines stock: cut the carrot and the celery into pieces. In a saucepan, heat the olive oil (3 tbsp) with the carrot and the celery. Add the heads to the warmed oil and push them down to press the water out of them. Cook it for 3-4 minutes. Add water and reduce it.

Shell all but 4 langoustines, take all the meat apart – also from their nippers. When the cherry tomatoes are ready, add the meat to the pan, stir it and remove for the heat.

Cook the linguine in salted boiling water as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Drain the pasta 2-3 minutes before is ready and return it to the warm pan with the langoustines sauce. Finish cooking adding a bit of langoustines stock, as needed.

Serve in bowls with 1 entire langoustine and 2 mint leaves for each guest.

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