Chocolate Cake with No Flour

Chocolate Cake with No Flour

Chocolate Cake with No Flour

Kids grow up so quickly. They are beautiful, always funnier than the day before. When they are just born, you feel like there’s no tomorrow: you are going to die changing nappies and washing super tiny clothes. The day after, they run around making fun of you, and you love them as much as you can. It’s got something magical but the truth is that they are growing up and you are getting older!!!! My beloved grandma was obsessed with not getting older. When she passed away she was 85…and she looked like a teen-ager!! 🙂

She was super cool to be honest but, still, I think it is something you have to put up with..without always referring to Botox or plastic surgery. So here I am with my twice-a-week appointment with the ultimate working out technique, Pilates Reformer. I happened to start in this shabby chic Chelsea studio just because the owner is an Italian girl, friend of friend, and I totally fell in love with one of their teachers….’ way of teaching 😉  –  now I am really into it even if every time it’s quite funny to meet these women very different from me. Two for all: a nice (!) lady in her 50s, who is all about perfect lips, perfect round boobs, perfect cheekbones, perfect..lack of wrinkles, perfect everything; and a girl in her 20 something, who looks quite authentic, very nice and model-look,  who always gets there with her private chauffeur and with her immaculate birkin bag. I am somewhere (or nowhere?!) in the middle, a part of the fact that I go there on my third-hand 500GBP moped and certainly I am no way close to those perfectly round …cheekbones 😉 So that, I think the best recipe in this case is my friend Mrs Sissi’s nice no flour chocolate cake.

Life should be ALL about NO Wheat. For you. Not for me.

Chocolate Cake with No Flour

Ingredients – 6.5” mould (quite small)

2 eggs

50 gr melted butter

100 gr caster sugar

100 gr melted chocolate

100 ml whipping cream

bunch of raspberries

icing sugar for dusting


Turn your oven on at 180°.

Butter the mould and keep it on the side.

On a Bain Marie whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until whitish and fluffy.

Whisk on a Bain Marie until around 40°, (if you touch it with your finger, you feel it nicely warm at 40° – human temp is around 37°), then keep whisking off the heat. This will help your cake to be softer.

In a round bowl whisk the eggs whites and stop when you reach the stage of soft peak.

This is when you lift the whisk and the peaks drop slightly.

Add the whites mixture to the yolks one and mix.

On a Bain Marie, in a round bowl, melt the chocolate and the butter.

Mix everything together, preferably in the chocolate bowl.

Pour it in the mould and bake it for approximately 35 minutes.

When it’s ready, leave it to cool down.

Whip the whipping cream. Add some icing sugar if you prefer it sweet.

Dust with icing sugar before serving, and add some fresh raspberries and whipped cream.

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