Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a girl who gained her master’s degree in Economics and Business and was ready to start her career in big multinational companies. One day, she was walking down the streets and she happened to meet one of her former university mate, Mr M. It was love at first sight. In that very moment she became Mrs M.

Mr and Mrs M are both from Rome, they have been living for many years in Milano, the italian fashion and business capital; in New York, the center of the universe; to eventually land here in London a few years ago. In their life now there are also Miss M and Mstr M together with Auntie P – their little westie.
Mr and Mrs M have both a lifelong addiction to good and healthy food, Mrs M’s love for baking led her to Le Cordon Bleu to study french pâtisserie and become a Pastry Chef.

It sounds like the typical conformist family. To be honest, this label is a bit too much for Mrs M who deep down feels like a rebel (she’s got three tattoos!), or maybe she would like to be a rebel but she is not…which nowadays is very bourgeois, indeed.

Anyhow, CASAMIA has started as a way to keep track of their recipes, authentic italian recipes, and it is also a place to study and to refine old cooking techniques. In Italian CASAMIA means “my house” (casa=home/house, mia= my). Actually this name came up thinking of Mrs M’s Grandma who always used to say  ‘at casa-mia we used to do this and that’, meaning that THAT was what her family used to do (way of cooking, travelling, speaking, whatever..) and for her THAT was the best choice ever possible, no matter what.

So, it is going to be a digital home corner for Mr and Mrs M and a tribute to my grandma – because yes, I write. Mrs M, of course.

P.S. – my english is as good as it gets, so relax and just try to follow me 😉

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  1. What fantastic and full of experiences story!
    I’m from Rome and I’m in the last year of high school. Next year is a question mark!!
    I only know that I will continue to browse cookbooks and become better!
    Thanks for added me.
    I am that of goji berries, do you remember?! =)
    See you soon and let in touch!
    Maybe my English’s teacher will be glad with you (this is an opportunity to strengthen my fatal english!)

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