The Italian Tiramisu’

Yes. Alright. it’s a bit of a cliché but I found it the most useful kitchen utensil I have ever had. I gave it as a gift to my beloved husband, I think it was Christmas time, back a few years ago… because I was totally fed up with my milk and powdered Nespresso breakfast. I wanted to  feel a bit more Italian, somehow between the traditional Italian moka ‘Bialetti’ and that nonsense coffee powder. So I bought this brand new Nespresso machine and life got happier. I enjoyed SO much going to the Nespresso store and buy all those grands crus multicolour capsules. Had no idea whatsoever of what the taste was. I need coffee just to wake me up and I loved to pick a different colour every morning, just for the sake of it. Also, it was so fast: switch it on, put your-mood-of-the-day capsule in and press the button. Something like ..dummy never fails!

One day all this came to an end.

Traditional Italian Coffee Maker 'La Bialetti'

Traditional Italian Coffee Maker ‘La Bialetti’

One of our best friend in London is from Naples and he decided that it was time for us to have a proper espresso every single morning and – by chance – that day it was Mr M’s birthday 😐 So we got this beautiful DeLonghi Icona Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker – Onyx Black, quite cool – and my peaceful breakfast routine has been scratched out for ever. Now  we can choose our favourite coffee arabica and we can have our perfect cappuccino ready to go but. There is a ‘but’. We have to wash every morning the little filter holder that – regularly – doesn’t come up from the handle, we have to fill it with our grounded coffee that – regularly – falls down everywhere, we have to keep the button press (!!) to decide how long you want your coffee that day, which – regularly – doesn’t come out as you wished for… so, basically, I don’t have my peaceful routine anymore nor my multicolour and sought after nespresso capsules 😦  

Thank you Mr Dom 😉

For my Tiramisu recipe I used the traditional Bialetti. Mh.





16 savoiardi or pavesini  or oro saiwa biscuits – find it either at Italian Delis (pavesini  and oro saiwa)  or at your local grocery shop (savoiardi). 5 eggs

320 gr mascarpone

125 gr icing sugar

50 gr cocoa powder

coffee to dip the biscuits in – approximately

2 tbsp. of granulated sugar to sweeten the coffee


Prepare the coffee and add a couple of tbsp. of sugar to sweeten it, stir it and leave it to cool down a little bit. It needs to be warm, not too hot.

In the meanwhile prepare the mascarpone cream.

Separate the egg yolks form the whites and whip the whites to firm peaks, the whites have to be proud and firm. In a round bowl cream the mascarpone with the icing sugar. Break the egg yolks and add them to the creamy mascarpone. Mix everything together until well incorporated. Then, add the whites to the mixture and with the help of a spatula fold the whites in from the bottom up.

Now, pour the coffee in a tray. Have the Tiramisu cups ready, ice cream cups or porcelain dishes are perfect,  something  5cm or so deep. Slightly deep the biscuits into the coffee and lay them into the cups. You don’t want them too soaked in otherwise the Tiramisu is going to be too liquid.

Lay them down into the dish of your choice, and layer them with the mascarpone cream ending up with the cream.

Dust the top with cocoa powder and rest it in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours. It is very good if served the next day .

Before serving you may want to grate a dash of chocolate on top of it to add a bit of crunchy-ness to the texture.

At CASAMIA our favourite Tiramisu’ is with Pavesini biscuits.


(Precise quantity of biscuits and coffee depends on each other).

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