Breakfast and Tea time Recipes

Heart Shaped Italian Cookies

‘I am done with my hairdresser, where are you now?’ – ‘doing some shopping for  Cicci’s new baby, she’s due at the end of the month and she’s got three now!’  – (particularly high reproductive demographic profiles around here!!!)  –… Read More ›


Yesterday it was Mardi Gras. I know in UK there is nothing to celebrate about and it’s all about Halloween instead…but we are Italians and maybe sometimes we do it better! 😉 All right, let’s see what’s the difference between… Read More ›

Lemon Cake

It’s a very chilly and snowy January afternoon, Mrs M invites over some of her girlfriends with their kiddies. Italians don’t know how to deal with this cold weather, they dress their kids like onions, layers on layers on layers…. Read More ›